"One Click GoToWebinar Signup" Plugin
Gets More People on Your Webinar, and...
Adds Your Webinar Attendees to Your Email List"

(It Takes Under 60 Seconds Add to Your Web Page or Blog!)

From: Robert Plank
Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2020
RE: Get A LOT More People On Your Next Webinar

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You too can run a 1-hour online GoToWebinar training session, where hundreds of people see your screen and hear your voice live as you teach and show something.

But Let's Face It...
GoToWebinar Signup Forms Suck...
And Here's Why!

When you normally run a kind of live GoToWebinar session...

  • You had to use ugly webinar signup forms
  • You couldn't easily build a list of email subscribers when you ran these online events
  • You had to force your paid members to signup for the membership itself, then register again and again for every webinar you ran

You were forced to do this because there was no alternative. Until now.

What if I told you there was a SIMPLE way for you to allow people to register for your email subscriber list and your GoToWebinar webinar in one click?

The Answer:
1-Click "Webinar Optin" Plugin

Imagine that someone comes to your sales letter or squeeze page from elsewhere. They're not on your list but they still want to attend your webinar.

They enter their name and e-mail address ONE time, click the submit button, and it signs them up for your e-mail autoresponder and the webinar at the same time.

What they've just done is...

1 Subscribed to Your Email List
2 Registered For Your Webinar
3 Redirected to An Upsell Page

... All in one single click, thanks this easy "Webinar Optin" plugin!

Instead Of Forcing You To Use One System,
You Choose Which Email Autoresponder To Use

This integrates GoToWebinar with ANY autoresponder that gets sign-ups by filling out an HTML form... including Aweber, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, MailChimp, 1ShoppingCart, AutoResponsePlus, PHPList... and more!

You can get this functionality on a regular HTML web page or even any WordPress post or page.

When You Purchase "Webinar Optin" Today
You'll Get All These Features Plus A Lot More...

It's Quick, It's Easy, And You Can Start Using It Today

Dual Signup
Attendees can register for your webinar and email list at the same time (no matter what autoresponder you use)
One Click Email Registration
Your existing email subscribers can register for your next webinar with a single click
Consistent Branding
Custom webinar signup pages that match your site -- regular HTML site, WordPress sales letter, even an OptimizePress theme
Increase Webinar Attendance
Redirect visitors to any web page of your choice after registering... offer free "thank you" videos, audio, reports or software
One Button Member Registration
Add a single click webinar registration button inside any WordPress-powered membership site... activate one plugin!
Automatic Registration
Automatically register members of your site into your next webinar...
they join, and they're registered for the webinar!
Unlimited Site License
Use this on as many sites as you own and on as many webinars as you run, for life
Customer Support
Lifetime updates, 24/7 support, 30 day money back guarantee

You can use this on any PHP page, HTML page, or WordPress page...

You Dont Have To Use WordPress
In Order To Use This!

Works As a WordPress Plugin   Also Works Outside of WordPress

Compatible with any WordPress blog theme, including sales letter themes:

  • Profits Theme
  • MarketerCMS
  • OptimizePress
  • JVPress
  • WP Sales Engine
  • List Machine Pro
  • Any launch theme
  • WooThemes
  • iThemes
  • WordPress.org themes
  • ThemeForest themes
  • DIYThemes
  • ElegantThemes
  • Any WordPress theme

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Bonus: 1-Click "Email to Webinar" Transfer

Let's say you get some friends to spread the word about your webinar. Usually this is both a good and a bad thing... it's good that your buddies mailing for you are bringing in lots of traffic, BUT the people reading the e-mails are used to signing up for THEIR stuff, not yours.

Lots of traffic comes in, but the opt-in rate sucks. So what do you do?

The "One Click Webinar" script includes special instructions you can give to these people to specially code the links they provide to their subscribers...

That means, in plain English... that your friend tells his e-mail list about your webinar. Their subscribers click ONE link in their e-mail, and it will:

  1. Register them instantly onto your webinar.
  2. Sign them up onto your mailing list.
  3. Redirect new subscribers to a page telling them what they just signed up for.

"Easy To Install and Worked Perfectly!"

Gabrielle Fontaine I want to thank you for the Webinar Optin script because it works like a DREAM! I've struggled with other "solutions" with hair pulling results.

Your script was a wonderful breath of fresh air because it was EASY to install and worked perfectly. Your clear directions really helped.

In fact, I just recommended it to my mastermind group tonight. So I thought that feedback might make you smile.

Have a great night!

Gabrielle Fontaine

Suddenly, You Have Three Ways
of Getting People Onto Your Webinar:

  1. The "one click signup for the webinar" method...
  2. The "register for the webinar and my mailing list in one step" method...
  3. AND, the "get on my list and my webinar in one click when someone else mails for me" method!

If your autoresponder is Aweber, GetResponse, ListMail, InfusionSoft, 1ShoppingCart, or AutoresponsePlus... then you can use "Webinar Optin" with GoToWebinar by adding a single line of code, that's it.

You no longer have to put up with ugly or awkward looking webinar signup forms, they now match your site!

And you're now building an email subscriber list every single time someone registers for your webinar...

You can offer your own gift for signing up, send people to a custom thank you page, or even upsell your attendees before the webinar even begins!

And if you're using this on WordPress, it's even easier... just install the "plugin version" of Webinar Optin and use our easy point and click interface.

It's Not Only For WordPress!

Claim Your Training Here »

And if you're using WordPress as a membership site, you can use this plugin to make it easier for your members to register and join your next webinar.

I wish you luck in your next webinar. With Webinar Optin, I'm sure you'll get a nice boost in your signups! And if that means you get only get a handful of EXTRA sales in the next year from your webinars, isn't the value more than worth it?

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  • I will also receive lifetime updates to all future versions of Webinar Optin.
  • There are no further payments to continue receiving lifetime access and updates for this plugin.

"Yes, Give Me One Click Webinars Right Now."

(You will download Webinar Optin within the next 5 minutes.)

Product Requirements: PHP4 or PHP5 (although your one click webinars can be regular HTML pages), a GoToWebinar account, and preferably an autoresponder.

Any autoresponder that features an HTML-based signup form (including Aweber, GetResponse, ListMail, InfusionSoft, 1ShoppingCart, and AutoresponsePlus) is supported.

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